Here you’ll find integrations that allow you to integrate phone, SMS and other channels with Intercom so that you can support your customers across more channels.

If you need support with, or have questions about a partner-built integration, please contact the partner directly:


Your cloud-based phone system for customer support, ready in minutes and integrated with Intercom. No hardware, or desk phone needed. Learn more.

Visit Aircall’s help center or email for support.


Make, receive and track calls and texts from Intercom. Learn more.

Visit Justcall's help center or email for support.


Use Intercom and your cloud phone system as one tool for customer service, sales and marketing. Learn more.

Get in touch at one of the destinations detailed here for support.

More integrations

In addition to these partner-built integrations, Intercom also has integrations with Twitter and Facebook, along with a wide range of other tools - you can check those out here.

Can’t find the integration you’re looking for? Send us a message and let us know.

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