With the Content Showcase app, you can highlight important pieces of content to engage your users or visitors when they open the Messenger. For example, you can promote useful blog posts, ebooks or pressing product announcements. 

Once your customers click on the content, they’ll be brought straight to that URL. The content showcase app is available by default with any paid Intercom plan. But, before you set it live there are a few things to set up: 

Configure the app for your Messenger home 

First, add the app to your Messenger home. 

Just head to the ‘Add Messenger Home Apps’ section of your Messenger settings and choose whether you’d like to add it for ‘visitors’ or ‘users.’ 

Note: If you want to make the app available for both your visitors and users you’ll need to add it in both places. 

Now, select ‘Add an app’, then choose the ‘Content Showcase’ app. 

Next, you’ll need to add your content 

First carefully consider what content you’d like to showcase to both your visitors and users. 

For example: 

  • If you’d like to capture your visitors’ email addresses, you could showcase a gated ebook. 
  • Or, if you’d like to increase your users’ usage for a particular feature, you could showcase an important product announcement. 

Once you’re happy with the content you’ve chosen to showcase, just add the link URL. 

We’ll automatically pull in the link description for your content. If your link description is long and wieldy we recommend making it shorter and snappier. 

Your title should pique your customers’ curiosity and entice them to click through and read it. 

We automatically pull in the image URL from your content. You can add a different image if you like - just copy and paste the new image URL into the field provided. 

Once you’re happy with your content, click, ‘Add to Messenger home.’ You can preview how your Messenger will look on the right-hand side, before you save and set the app live. 

Now, when a customer opens the Messenger, they’ll see your call to action to check out your content. 

Once they click the content showcase card, they’ll be brought straight to your content. 

How can I update the content I’m showcasing? 

If you want to update the content you’re showcasing, you’ll need to remove the app from the ‘Add Messenger Home Apps’ section of your Messenger settings. Then re-add the app and add a new URL. 

Best practices for promoting your content 

  • Test out a few different types of content, like ebooks, blog posts, product announcements, guides, cheat-sheets, etc. to see which types of content your users and visitors respond to best. 
  • Regularly change the content you’re promoting to create a fresh, valuable experience for your both your users and visitors. 
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