To add or delete a teammate, you can click here to go directly to your teammates page, or navigate there with these instructions:

  • Open the settings menu in the bottom left of Intercom.
  • Select your 'Settings', then select 'App settings' from the top menu. 
  • Select 'Teammates'
  • Enter their Email address and click 'Invite'

To delete a teammate click the 'Delete' button next to their name. 

What happens when you delete an admin?

When you delete a teammate, Intercom will ask you who you want to assign their conversations to. You can choose for them to go to another teammate. If a customer emails the deleted teammate's Intercom email address, the message goes to Unassigned.

Note: All open and closed conversations are reassigned to the admin you pick in the 'Assign replies' box. The whole conversation history is preserved and viewable in the re-assignee's inbox.

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