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This integration allows you to keep Intercom conversations and GitHub issues in sync so your support team and development team can easily work together to resolve customer reported issues.

How to install

The installation does not require any development time and can be added by simply clicking through the install steps, which take 2 minutes to complete.

1. Login to your Intercom account and go to your app's integrations.

2. Select ‘Integrate’ on the GitHub option.

3. This will open GitHub in a new tab and ask you to authorize the application. Authorizing Intercom will enable Intercom to receive webhooks from GitHub when a connected issue is updated.

4. Once you authorize the application, you will see a list of all the repositories you have access to that you can connect to Intercom. You should select the repository where you log issues for your product with your development team. Click “Add Webhook” to connect that repository to Intercom.

4. (Optional - permissions management) Once you set up your webhook you can go here: and revoke access to Intercom. As the required webhook has been created at this point, the GitHub/Intercom integration will still work.

Here’s how it works

When you paste the URL of an Intercom Conversation into a GitHub Issue or Issue Comment, then the Conversation will be linked to that Issue. Whenever that issue changes state between open and closed, Intercom adds a note to all linked Conversations and re-opens them.

Got questions?

If you have other products you would like to see integrated please send us a note at You can learn more about all existing Intercom integrations and importers here.

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