We’re proud to have an ever-growing community of partners building integrations and apps on the Intercom Platform that can help you get even more from Intercom.

You can find integrations built by our Platform Partners in the in-app Integrations Hub (as well as on our website), where you’ll find out more about installing and using each one. You’ll also find integrations built by Intercom here, such as our Slack, GitHub and Salesforce integrations. 

Platform Partner integrations are reviewed by us before being listed to ensure they’re good quality and use your data responsibly. If you need support for one of these integrations, please contact the partner who built it - you can find a list of support contacts below.

If you’re interested in building an integration with Intercom or partnering with us, take a look at our Developer Hub or find out more about becoming a Platform Partner

Support contacts

Here’s where to get support for integrations built by our partners:

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