Operator - our bot that automates simple tasks across Intercom - has a number of behaviors that we call “manners”. 

Manners are designed to make sure Operator starts, contributes to and even closes conversations at the right time.

Operator is designed with a specific tone and style - it’s mature but not formal, direct but not rude, responsive but not chatty, and neutral but not robotic. To achieve this, Operator has specific manners. It's:

  • Helpful
  • Tactful
  • Restrained
  • Nuanced
  • Transparent

Operator is helpful

Operator only interacts with your users when it has something useful to offer. It provides answers to your users in the Messenger and to your teammates in the inbox

Operator is tactful

Operator never interrupts a conversation between you and a user. It only interacts with a user when no teammates are assigned to the conversation, or after a teammate closes a conversation. 

Note: When a teammate replies to a new conversation, it gets assigned to them. Operator will no longer contribute to the conversation.

Operator is restrained

If your users don’t engage with Operator, it stops asking questions. Operator won’t send follow-up messages to users who don’t engage with its initial messages. 

Operator will only ever send short, precise and timely messages to your users. It quickly provides clear routes to follow, and never trips users up with multiple questions or paths to follow.

Operator is nuanced

Operator’s manners ensure it doesn't do anything that feels out of place or mistimed for your users. For example, Operator doesn’t suggest articles to people who have visited your Help Center in the previous 15 minutes.

Operator is transparent

Operator isn’t trying to pretend to be human, so it doesn’t mimic human characteristics. 

Operator won’t give human signals such as ‘is typing’ or ‘seen’ in conversations. It won’t introduce itself, or refer to itself as ‘I’, or try to have a personality. It focuses only on its tasks - to help your users complete their jobs faster and have better conversations - without getting in the way.

We are constantly fine-tuning Operator’s manners as we improve its skills and give it new ones. 

Note: You can’t configure or change Operator’s manners as we’ve designed them to provide a great user experience. However, you can turn some of Operator’s skills on and off.

What’s next?

Learn about what messages Operator, our bot (or chatbot) that automates the simple tasks, sends to users and leads. 

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